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In the clinical skills scenario you will typically be asked to review a patient and make a clinical plan. You will need to act as though this is a real scenario and you are not being watched.
Usually you will need to take an ABCD approach, take a history and examine the patient. The examiners will then ask you clinical questions at the end.

The examiners will not routinely talk to you unless they want to ask questions or inform you of a test result. The clinical scenario is designed to assess knowledge at the level of an F2 and will not be based on a detailed obstetric or gynaecological case.

Scoring is done independently by two assessors.

Top Tips

  • default_titleThe clinical station tests your understanding of common emergencies and presentations
  • default_titleInterviewers will ask questions quickly to test how you perform under pressure
  • default_titlePatient safety is key and safe assessment, diagnosis and management of the patient in any given scenario will score you points
  • default_titleYou will be scored on both your communication and knowledge and giving your answer in a structured, logical fashion that involves the patient, family and your colleagues will score the most points.
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