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In the communication skills station you will typically be asked to speak to a patient or relative who has a concern. You will need to communicate with them effectively. The examiners do not typically speak to you in this scenario.

Scoring is done independently by two assessors.

Top Tips

  • default_titleThe communication station tends to be what separates the very best candidates. Preparation can be challenging and it is recommended that you look back through your medical school communication skills notes and practise the scenarios outlined in the question bank.
  • default_titleScenarios tested are designed to be realistic and it is important that you remain calm, employ active listening and try to reach a satisfactory conclusion within the timeframe.
  • default_titleAlthough scenarios are random using a framework when responding to the question asked can help you to structure your answer, score points and logically reach a conclusion
  • default_titleOur Question Bank features plenty of commonly asked communication scenarios together with frameworks and examples.
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